Boss Key co-founder accuses Epic Games of poaching staff

Tuesday, 17 Apr, 2018

While things could be looking up for Boss Key, it looks like some things happening in the background have now been brought to light, through the developer's head Cliff Bleszinski. However, their new game, Radical Heights, while very early in development, seems to be pretty well-received by the battle royale community. It saw the 1980's themed newcomer reach player numbers that developer Boss Key Studios previous game, Lawbreakers, could only dream of.

Taking Twitter (below) - as spotted by Ars Technica - the Boss Key boss publicly asked Epic to stop trying to hire his team.

As Epic Games former design director, Bleszinski has previously kept professional ties with his ex-colleagues, even going as far as to promote its current Creative Director Darren Sugg on Twitter for those that enjoy Fortnite. Last Friday, he sent out a targeted tweet accusing Epic of trying to poach his BossKey staff. Furthermore, the developer says that the team is "really happy" with how the launch of Radical Heights has gone.

"There's room at this genre for more than a few games SMH", he said shortly afterwards. Of course, it's a dance that's happened before. Brussee - who was also a co-founder of Guerilla Games - left Boss Key to work on "exciting secret project" for Epic Games.

Details surrounding the accusations have yet to be revealed, such as what Epic Games is supposedly doing behind the scenes to entice Boss Key members to leave the company, or whether Boss Key members have already left due to the practice. The new Epic Games employee closes out the tweet reminding CliffyB that "we are people first and foremost".

Boss Key lost more than one employee to Epic Games over the past few moths.