City to face Bayern, Liverpool, Dortmund in ICC

Tuesday, 17 Apr, 2018

Liverpool will play Borussia Dortmund, Man City and Man United in the International Champions Cup (ICC) this summer, it has now been confirmed. The game against AC Milan is scheduled for July 25 before matches against Liverpool on July 28 and Madrid on July 31.

The clubs' former players Robert Pires (Arsenal), Jose Luis Caminero (Atletico) and Maxwell (PSG) were also present at the press conference.

"With the Singapore being the sole destination this year, we are committed to bring and deliver the best quality football to the supporters of the three teams that will be competing this year". Whereas past tournaments recognized a victor within each participating continent, this year's competitive structure will take on a more cohesive format, reigning one overall global champion.

The only question we have now, of course, is that will Arsene Wenger still be there?

"For sure the opportunity to witness some of the world's top teams first hand is a worthwhile experience, so we hope that the fans are able to enjoy such a unique experience".

Matches will be played at various venues in the US, Europe and Singapore.

Pep Guardiola's City, the newly-crowned Premier League champions, will return to the U.S. in July after a successful 2017 summer tour. We don't know how far the guys will go, and similar to Arsenal and Atleti, we have a lot of worldwide players who serve on their national teams, but it's very important for us to to bring the squad here.

"It's very important to start the season well". It may be a friendly competition but, when you are on the field, you don't have any friends.