FDNY Identifies Cause Of Trump Tower Fire

Tuesday, 17 Apr, 2018

The cause of a fire that killed a man earlier this month has been ruled accidental, the FDNY says.

The four-alarm blaze was caused by power strips linked together "powering multiple components", the FDNY tweeted today.

According to the Department of Buildings, apartment owners in older buildings like Trump Tower are responsible for ensuring that smoke alarms are working.

There were no smoke detectors in the apartment, officials said.

There were no sprinklers either.

Todd Brassner, 67, died from smoke inhalation, the city's medical examiner said.

Miriam Light, a landlord who lives in Trump Tower, told the New York Times after the fire that the building should have a sprinkler system.

"Be #FDNYSmart - Don't overload outlets, and remember that extension cords are for temporary use only."