'If We Play It Right, Anthem Will Feel Very Distinctly BioWare

Tuesday, 17 Apr, 2018

But, according to BioWare general manager Casey Hudson, the studio has learned its mistakes, especially those regarding Andromeda's storytelling, and is ready to create the kind of experience gamers want from a BioWare RPG.

In the statement which was released directly onto BioWare's website, Hudson hints that BioWare has "updated [its] studio mission is helping to focus our work on Anthem and the games that will follow", and that the next such post may reveal some meaty details.

However, the game has been criticized and subsequently forgotten most of the time for not really appearing to do anything unique with the formula; players still gather up in groups to go outside the city and do quests, and humanity is down to a single fortified city with an elite few chosen to be able to go outside of its walls.

I started at BioWare 20 years ago. This is the first entry in a series where I'd like to talk about our vision for BioWare, what that means for our upcoming titles, and share some stories about development as we head towards the launch of Anthem.

The subtext of these statements seem to suggest that Hudson is aware of the controversy surrounding BioWare and the studio's failure to make Mass Effect: Andromeda everything that it could have - and perhaps should have - been. A few years ago, I took some time away to try something different, and had an fantastic experience working at Microsoft on mixed-reality and HoloLens. He then returned in 2017 as BioWare was facing some upheaval.

While BioWare is typically one of the more respected game developers out there, after the fiasco that was Mass Effect: Andromeda fans are a little concerned about the future. The game is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. In the post, Hudson writes about his return to the company and "refocusing BioWare's mission" after missteps with the disappointing Mass Effect: Andromeda. We need to delight players with new experiences and innovation, but we must stay focused on the importance of the world, character, and storytelling elements that players expect from our games.

Even though Anthem was originally slated for this year, it has been pushed back to 2019, which will hopefully give BioWare enough time to deliver a story that "will be unlike anything you've ever played" but is still "very distinctly BioWare".