James Comey: 'Even in Private' Trump Won't Criticize Putin

Tuesday, 17 Apr, 2018

With the release of his memoir on Tuesday, he is about to become a bestselling author.

Comey recounted in the ABC interview another meeting where he said Trump asked for his loyalty.

He told ABC News that Mr Trump lies constantly and may have obstructed justice.

Comey was so confused by this he even went on YouTube months later, to try and track down video evidence of Trump chuckling - and could only find one.

FILE PHOTO: Former FBI Director James Comey prepares to testify before a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on "Russian Federation Efforts to Interfere in the 2016 U.S. Elections" on Capitol Hill in Washington, June 8, 2017. Oddly, Trump, of all people, should know that he's probably selling Comey's book simply by mentioning it.

Hours before the interview aired, the president went on the offensive, accusing Mr Comey of "many lies". The former Federal Bureau of Investigation director drew about 9.8 million viewers to his George Stephanopoulos interview on ABC. "He's getting a lot of publicity for it", Kovalik said. "This is somebody who's not under oath in interviews and writing a book. But the timing is awful". "Particularly because he talked so much about how important it is to follow the rules and follow the law, there were really clear rules in place that he shouldn't have done what he did and he chose to break them".

Obstruction of justice is no small matter. Just think back to President Clinton. The website features tweets from Trump criticizing Comey and includes a section called "The Truth".

It was February 14, 2017. But she quickly tried to clean things up, disputing ABC's headline, "Kellyanne Conway slams Comey: "This guy swung an election" as misleading on Twitter.

Comey also discussed the Clinton email investigation during the broadcast. Comey said Trump's actions "tainted an institution that pursues the truth".

But this power, as it was outlined in the Constitution, and as it was employed by members of the founding generation in the first years of the republic, is not continued if we today imagine that presidents who are unfit, divisive, and unsafe must be allowed to remain in their positions until some distant date when accountability is finally permitted.

Comey says Trump seemed fixated on an allegation made in a dossier compiled by a former British spy - and funded by Trump's political opponents - involving Russian prostitutes urinating on a bed in a Moscow hotel.

While many of Trump's critics believe that the proper remedy for his perceived transgressions is impeachment, Comey insisted that would just "let the American people off the hook". "What do I do?" he said. Trump used the investigation as a cudgel in the campaign and repeatedly said Clinton should be jailed for using a personal email system while serving as secretary of state.

Garcia also took exception with Comey's use of personal memos to memorialize private conversations with Trump and subsequently leaking them via a third party to The New York Times. "They were about to lead a country that had been attacked by a foreign adversary, yet they had no questions about what the future Russian threat might be", Comey writes.

"The challenge of this president is that he will stain everyone around him", he told ABC.

We know that the President is a slimeball for many, many reasons.

More recently, news outlets have reported that Trump is considering firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.