Kulve Taroth Is Monster Hunter

Tuesday, 17 Apr, 2018

Capcom announced the second free update coming to Monster Hunter World, and like the one that added Deviljho in March, it will come with a new monster to hunt and more. Naturally, Kulve Taroth gives you access to new equipment in the form of weapons and armour, assuming you can acquire the necessary materials from its scaly form. The monster all sixteen hunters will be facing off against in this update is the Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth. Furthermore, while hunters are encouraged to team up with friends, they can also join dedicated Kulve Taroth lobbies if they can't form full sixteen-player groups.

With the conclusion of the Zorah Magdaros and Nergigante investigations, the path is now clear for the arrival of the majestic Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth.

The primary goal of this Siege is to repel Kulve Taroth, but its shimmering golden mantle happens to be a collection of shiny weapon relics it has gathered along its journey through the New World.

As the new Siege quest is designed for multiplayer, each player can contribute by collecting tracks and breaking off parts from attacking the Kulve Taroth.

While the event will only be live for a limited time, it will return at a later date.

The Palico gear from the Kulve Taroth.

The first Kulve Taroth Siege is scheduled to start on April 18 at 5pm PST/8pm EST/April 19 at 1am BST.

Monster Hunter: World came out earlier this year to critical acclaim, standing as one of the most well-received games of the year so far. The PC version will be released in Fall 2018.