Learn about the mythology, music and voices in God of War

Tuesday, 17 Apr, 2018

This means that if we just count original games, God of War is easily the highest rated among all the PS4 releases so far.

God of War PS4 reviews have been out for a few days now and the critical reception is more than awesome for this new gameplay reboot of Kratos. A lot has happened to Kratos in his life, and while he might not be ready to emotionally deal with it all, his newly introduced son will help him break through those barriers.

God of War hits the shops this week so you can all tell us if it was a ten or and eight in What We Played next week. The evolution of Kratos could have gone horribly wrong. It was developed by Sony Santa Monica studio and will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This new narrative tone has heart, and serves to make Kratos much more relatable in his new role as protector, while remaining as brutal as past installments.

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Reviews have been particularly positive for God of War and, while we wait for it to launch on April 20, it's worth noting which position it has achieved in terms of average score in the PS4 exclusive titles' chart on Metacritic.