Next 'GTA Online' Game Mode Gets Its Inspiration From 'The Italian Job'

Tuesday, 17 Apr, 2018

GTA Online's new mode is basically The Italian Job's famous vehicle chase scene on repeat, and it sounds brilliant.

Grand Theft Auto Online has today seen the addition of another new adverserial mode in "The Vespucci Job", a battle between predator and prey inspired by Michael Caine classic The Italian Job, with the Mini Cooper-like vintage Issi Classic vehicle the star of the show. In addition, the current community of players will have the ability to transfer their Grand Theft Auto Online characters and progression to their choice of PS4, Xbox One or PC. The new Vapid Flash GT Sports vehicle is also available now from Legendary Motorsport, alongside The Vespucci Job's Weeny Issi Classic at Southern San Andreas Autos, and the new Sea Sparrow chopper - with optional machine gun and missile upgrades - from Elitás Travel.

Playing "The Vespucci Job" between Tuesday, April 17, and April 23 will net players double in-game money and reputation points.

As the team tries to blast through checkpoints in a timely manner, a second will be chasing them in police cruisers.

Additionally, bodyguards and associates will earn double GTA$ Salaries until April 23. Have a look at both of them below.

Shown off in the video clip below is the Vapid Flash GT Sports auto.

You're no show-off. You're just a slightly quirky, totally down-to-earth person looking for a way to tell everyone how slightly quirky and totally down-to-earth you are. The Sea Sparrow is "an agile miniature helicopter with optional Machine Gun and Missile upgrades", while the customizable American hatchback Vapid Flash GT Sports auto can be seen in this brief clip below. When that day arrives, you'll be glad you picked up the Sea Sparrow chopper from Elitás Travel.

There's also a rather smokin' event going on this week on April 20.