The Big Bang Theory: Who Will Be Attending Sheldon and Amy's Wedding?

Tuesday, 17 Apr, 2018

Mark Hamill is making the journey from a galaxy far, far away to attend Amy and Sheldon's wedding in The Big Bang Theory series 11 finale.

The actor will make his debut in the popular U.S. sitcom in an episode in which Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) finally marries his long-term girlfriend Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik). Although given Sheldon's Star Wars obsession, it's likely that he will.

Henggeler has appeared on the show as Sheldon's twin sister Missy Cooper, while John Ross Bowie has played Barry Kripke in over 20 episodes. However, CBS has just revealed the crop of guest stars that will make it extra-special, including a drop in from none other than Mark Hamill. Lauren Lapkus and magician Teller also guest star in the series. It's unclear if Hamill will play himself, though the safe bet would be to assume that he would given how much Sheldon loves Star Wars.

Jerry O'Connell will also guest as as Sheldon's brother, Georgie.

The finale instalment may throw some light on Amy's family - her mother's (Mrs Fowler) character, briefly appeared via video chat in season nine and her father is has not yet appeared on the show.

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