Wildfire threat off at Oklahoma town

Tuesday, 17 Apr, 2018

Emergency management officials say a 61-year-old man died from fire-related injuries near the town of Leedey, and a woman was killed in her vehicle outside a home near Seiling.

Fire-fighters sent from the U.S. Forest services are battling one firing that has been burnt more than 245,000 meters (990 sq. kilometers) near Leedeyroughly 110 miles (180 km) northwest of Oklahoma City.

The Oklahoma Forestry Services says another wildfire in northwestern Oklahoma has burned more than 375 square miles.

Cain says she has no further information to release on the deaths. A fire that began near Woodward, about 20 miles north of Leedey, has burned almost 68,000 acres and is 45 percent contained. The forecast calls for escalating fire danger through Tuesday with the potential for temperatures back up into the 90°'s and relative humidity values below 15 percent in western Oklahoma and below 25 percent along the I-35 corridor.

In a briefing, state fire management chief Mark Goeller said firefighters focused on specific hotspots because critical fire conditions could worsen this week.

Authorities say another wildfire that began in Texas and spread to Oklahoma on Friday was still burning Sunday.