Google Releases New Play Store Version For Android Device Users

Wednesday, 16 May, 2018

With the number of Android users in Australia around 10 million, if Google were to pay to collect their data, the price tag at current data costs would be somewhere between $432 and $540 million annually.

"All that it takes for users to expose themselves to this collection is to once allow an ambiguously described feature, for example when trying to display photos on a map on the Google Photo service, silently enabling the feature across devices with no expiration date", the senators wrote.

While the allegations are not new and they first appeared in November of previous year, the whistleblower remained unknown then.

A spokeswoman for the regulator said: "The ACCC met with Oracle and is considering information it has provided about Google services".

The company also told Quartz it will no longer send such data to Google, at least as part of this service that it offers. In those letters, senator Blumenthal and the company discussed how and why the Android operating system was transmitting information about nearby cell towers back to Google's servers.

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A spokesperson for the company replied that users had given their permission to have their data collected when they made a decision to use an Android handset.

Oracle has accused Google of spying on Android users in Australia, but that is not all - Oracle has claimed that Google is using 1 GB data of Android users themselves for this spying.

At that time, the allegations also mentioned the possible sale of location data to advertisers by Google, who could then serve contextual and location-specific ads to the user. "The initial approach is to ignore any potential breaches of privacy and, as we have now seen, when people notice, their approach is to ask for forgiveness". "When you use Google services we may collect and process information about your actual location", says Google's privacy policy. This means that once you download the app and sign-in with your Google account, Google News will already be populated with stories and headlines it thinks you will care about.

The Android parent has released a brand-new update for Google Play Store.

"They (Google and Facebook) are both extremely good at manipulating the law and they use those legalities", said Australian Privacy Foundation Chair, David Vaile toThe Guardian. However, at the time, the search giant assured that they would soon end such practices. Sure that sounds amusing, but really, is the tech giant keeping tabs on everything we search and everywhere we go?