Italy's populists brush off European Union concerns about possible gov't

Wednesday, 16 May, 2018

The League and 5-Star have failed to agree on forming a coalition between themselves after an inconclusive election on March 4, but they have enough votes together in parliament to block any other government from taking office.

"We have asked the President of the Republic for more time to finish the government contract". "Better to be a barbarian than a slave that sells Italy's dignity, future, businesses and even its borders".

He now has something of an interest in seeing a 5-Star-League government ultimately fail since a Milan court ruled last week that that he could run for office after having been sidelined for five years by a tax fraud conviction.

Both he and Salvini said that the final version of the accord and composition of the government team will be put to the parties' members for approval.

This would cut 10 percentage points off Italy's debt/GDP ratio.

On Tuesday the leaders both hit back hard after European Commissioners said the new government in Rome will have to respect the EU's Stability Pact and hoped Italy's policy on asylum seekers does not change.

Avramopoulos praised Italy for the management of the Mediterranean migration crisis, crediting Italy with saving migrant lives at sea.

"We heard some unelected commissioner say that Italy has to continue to do what it's always done, or rather - pull its pants down", he said.

The partnership between the League's Matteo Salvini and Mr. Di Maio would represent a blow to mainstream European political parties across the continent.

"A minister from the League who would work on security and border control would be a guarantor that whoever comes to Italy has the right to do so", he said.