Man dies of 'projectile wound of the head' after vape pen explodes

Wednesday, 16 May, 2018

A former CNBC producer was killed when his e-cigarette exploded and lodged into his skull, penetrating his brain, according to an autopsy, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

D'Elia, 38, died after a vape pen exploded on May 5, causing a fire that also burned 80 percent of his body. It still remains unclear as to what prompted the pen to combust in the first place; however, shoddy manufacturing may be an option.

A Florida was killed when his vape pen exploded, sending projectiles into his head and causing a small fire in his house.

The cause of death is identified as a projectile wound to the head, Bill Pellan, director of investigations at the Pinellas County Medical Examiner's Office, said Tuesday. Officials found him with a wound to his top lip area and areas of burns to his body.

Smok-E Mountain, however, told ABC its e-cigarettes do not explode, suggesting instead that the device's battery or atomizer was likely to blame.

The vape was manufactured by Smok-E Mountain.

The Food and Drug Administration recommends that smokers should not leave pens charging overnight or use off-brand chargers.

Use vapes with safety features, including protection against overcharging. The U.S. Fire Administration reports that "there were 195 separate e-cigarette fire and explosion incidents in the United States reported by the media between 2009 and 2016". E-cigarettes can come in many shapes and sizes; some are made to look like regular cigarettes, while others are larger devices such as tank systems or "mods".

While the exact circumstances surrounding the explosion are unknown, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises against carrying e-cig batteries loose in pockets to avoid coming in contact with coins, keys or metal objects.

The explosion sent two pieces of the vape pen into his cranium, the report said. Instead, they sell vape pens with a computer chip inside, which keeps the device from overheating. In 2016, an e-cigarette exploded in a NY man's trousers pocket.