Mental Health Awareness Week: Graduates fear telling employers about issues

Wednesday, 16 May, 2018

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A recent report has called for rules for employers to take mental health and stress seriously.

Sister Amber says campaigns like this and Mental Health Awareness Week are vital to help people cope. But it's clear that there is still more to do to ensure we transform this increased awareness into actions that create more supportive and open working environments. And yet it is still much harder for most of us to talk about our mental, rather than our physical, health and this is no different in the workplace.

Siobhan Kenny, Chief Executive at Radiocentre, said: "Radio is coming together in a United Kingdom first today to shine a light on the important issue of mental health". Research has shown that 16 million people in the United Kingdom experience a mental health problem each year, and stress often plays a significant role.

Work is now underway to take forward the 40 actions within the strategy, all of which aim to improve the delivery of adult as well as child and adolescent mental health services. The organisation has hired an employee responsible for mental health first aid.

The two Princes have followed in the footsteps of their mother Princess Diana in championing Mental Health-related causes along with the Duchess of Cambridge.

A strong workforce is at the centre of our plans so we are investing to provide 800 additional mental health workers in key locations such as A&E departments, GP practices, police stations and prisons.

Since 1949, Mental Health America, as well as their affiliates throughout the country, have initiated the observance of May as Mental Health Month by reaching out to millions of people through the local events, media, and screenings.

The princes issued heartfelt pleas for people to "start a conversation on mental health" as part of a minute-long message which was simultaneously broadcast by hundreds of United Kingdom radio stations at 10.59am today. We need to come to see mental health like we would any other illness - like diabetes or high blood pressure, that it's just something that affects us. "But, improving awareness and understanding is a crucial first step that all employers need to take and we're proud to set an example, not only for the retail industry, but for employers across the United Kingdom".

Most importantly, when things get too much, everyone should know that there is always someone to talk to - and always people who love them.