Stan Lee Sues POW! Entertainment for $1 Billion

Wednesday, 16 May, 2018

Comic book creator Stan Lee has gone to war against POW Entertainment, claiming that executives in the company he co-founded conspired to "steal" his name and likeness.

Lee is in the news again with a new law suit, for 1 billion dollars, against POW!

Stan Lee has come out swinging against his former company POW!

"In each instance in which Lee granted a non-exclusive licence, the licensee has offered to pay a fee for the use of his name, image and likeness, but under no circumstances did Lee ever sell off his personal identity, name, and likeness, which he spent 95 years building up".

Lee claims that Duffy and Champion failed to disclose the full terms of the company's sale to Hong Kong-based Camsing International in 2017.

Due to Lee's advanced macular degeneration he has lost most of his vision and can not read. "Lee has yet to provide anyone with the exclusive right to use his identity, image, name and likeness".

Lee claims POW Entertainment!, including CEO Shane Duffy and Gill Champion, either forged his signature or tricked him into signing over the exclusive rights to his name, image and likeness, according to TMZ.

Lee's suing for $1 bil. along with an order to get his name back.

Lee has been in a whirlwind of lawsuits over the last few months.

Speaking to Disney on the Infinity War red carpet, Lee gave a shout out to his fans, thanking them "for having spent all these years coming to see my cameos [in the Marvel films]".

Lee was also recently sued for damages by a masseur who has accused him of sexual misconduct during a massage appointment at a hotel in Chicago. A rep for Lee did not return PEOPLE's request for comment at the time. The suit also says POW! was given the right to use Lee's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

"Lee's suit adds that they and another man - Jerardo Olivarez, who isn't named as a defendant - managed to convince Lee to sign a power of attorney to gain further and more precise control over Lee's assets". "She was the girl I had been drawing all my life", Lee once recalled of his late wife.