Suspect injured after armed confrontation with officer at Dixon High School

Wednesday, 16 May, 2018

A potential school shooting in central IL ended when a school resource officer shot and wounded an armed former student who opened fire Wednesday morning.

The officer returned fire, Langloss said, and the suspect was taken into custody with non-life-threatening injuries.

It was not clear whether the suspect was a student at the school, and officials did not immediately respond to calls for further comment.

Howell said the suspect had fired several shots near school gym, where the resource officer confronted him.

UPDATE: 11:53 a.m. EDT-The shooting at Dixon High School in IL took place on Wednesday morning inside the school's gym, where students were gathered to practice for graduation, the Chicago Tribune reported, citing City Manager Danny Langloss.

According to multiple sources at the site, the shooter is Matt Milby. He said shots had been fired near the high school gymnasium. While pursing the subject, the subject shot several rounds toward the school resource officer.

He is now in police custody and is receiving medical treatment.

The officer, who has been identified on social media as Officer Mark Dallas, will be placed on paid administrative leave as per police policy on shooting incidents. There were no injuries to staff, students or members of the community. Chopper 7 HD was over the scene around 9:30 a.m. and captured video of students boarding buses to be reunited with family members, who were waiting for them at a local park. The school resource officer pursued the subject. "With shots ringing out through the hallways of the school, he charged towards the suspect and confronted him, head on", Howell said. He believes the suspect acted alone and that there are not further threats to student safety.

He said that students and staff responded to the situation extremely well. The male was believed to be a 19-year-old former student at the school, Lee County Sheriff John Simonton told Sauk Valley Media.