Verizon adopts AWS as preferred public cloud provider

Wednesday, 16 May, 2018

The technology is touted as faster and more secure by advocates.

Amazon Web Services has announced a new collaboration with Ethereum development studio ConsenSys which will result in the launch of Kaleido, a blockchain business cloud created to streamline and simplify the creation, deployment, and operation of private blockchain networks for enterprise organizations.

Holger Mueller, principal analyst and vice president at Constellation Research Inc., said blockchain technology appeals to many enterprises because it has key capabilities that can enable a number of next-generation application use cases. We designed the Kaleido platform from scratch with new user experiences and tools to radically simplify the entire enterprise journey.

"We knew we needed to design a platform from the business problems down, since that is where the enduring problems are that companies face in the blockchain space". It is the first blockchain software as a service (SaaS) featuring Enterprise Ethereum, and offers a variety of protocol options. These networks offer all of the benefits of the underlying blockchain technology, while still maintaining the necessary levels of robustness, security, and performance, it explained.

Users can quickly change the consensus algorithm to tailor the network to specific requirements ...

For example, when a new member gets on board via a voting policy enforced on the private chain, an irrefutable proof of that decision can be written to the public chain including signatures and timestamps.

The founder of the Ethereum blockchain platform, which is what Kaleido and AWS will be using, said this is the biggest move yet by the tech giant to get into blockchain.

Verizon has a history with AWS that dates back to 2015 and before this move had several business and consumer applications running in Amazon's cloud. "At this point there are tens of thousands of companies around the world that have real sophistication around this". This will help enterprises connect their private blockchains to the Ethereum mainnet - something firms are increasingly demanding yet struggling to accomplish. Customers also need help with hardening and scaling for enterprise-grade production. In this context, Lubin commented that Consensys, the business which oversees more than 50 blockchain-based projects, has seen a significant increase in interest around the technology. "What Salesforce did for CRMs, Kaleido will do for blockchain". With Kaleido, however, Consensys aims to take the concept further than ever before.

"This is a heavy duty, full stack way of getting the company into blockchain solutions", said Joseph Lubin, founder of Ethereum.