Why the Premier League transfer window is opening earlier this year

Wednesday, 16 May, 2018

The new dates are to ensure that all transfers are completed before the start of the 2018/19 season.

Sky Sports claim the Premier League want to open the window on Thursday.

When does the Premier League transfer window open?

The Soccer League, whose window for everlasting signings has already reopened, have additionally confirmed they may adjust to the August 9 pre-season deadline.

So clubs can sign players from May 17?

In fact, deals can be agreed before May 17, however, the paperwork cannot be processed until the window has officially opened.

The window will officially open on May 17 - just four days after the end of the season and means business may also be conducted while the World Cup in Russian Federation is taking place. It was decided last August that the transfer window will now close on August 9 instead of the regular August 31 , allowing clubs to would avoid further interruptions with transfers after getting their season underway.

That's because other leagues have different windows and will still be open.

It was over eight months ago that the Premier League voted to make changes to the Summer Transfer Window.

For a long time we knew that it would end on Thursday 9 August at 5pm but for whatever date it would open was left in the dark. In Italy and Germany it will be on July 1 and in Spain it will be on July 2.

In early September 2017, the headline news was that from now on the window would close before the season kicked off.

Everton, who endured a disappointing season to their standards, will hope to spend more wisely in the transfer window this summer.

It opened on Monday, May 7 for domestic transfers.

Following Manchester City's dominant campaign that saw them break numerous records and earn Pep Guardiola's first Premier League win in just his second term with the club, the football world will be eager to see whether or not they will be able to continue their thrilling form in the upcoming season.

That deadline only relates to buying players and the selling or loaning of players will still be able to take place up until August 31 - the deadline for the remainder of Europe.

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