Bound Saudi referee given red card following bribery charges

Thursday, 17 May, 2018

The committee banned him for life and recommended that the 32-year-old referee be suspended from participating in June and July's World Cup in Russian Federation and other worldwide events.

The Saudi Football Federation (SFF) said Wednesday it had banned for life a referee, selected to officiate at the World Cup in Russia, for soliciting a bribe from a local club.

"He confirmed that he had evidence which highlights Al Mirdasi offering help for money".

It now emerges that he confessed to offering to fix Saturday's King's Cup final on behalf of Al Ittihad club, according to the Saudi FA which added that it had requested Federation Internationale de Football Association to confirm the lifetime global ban as well as removing him from the World Cup list.

FIFA says it "notes the information that referee Fahad Al Mirdasi has allegedly been banned for life from all football-related activities" and is now requesting more information from the SAFF.

'Al Mirdasi was in custody and had been presented then to the administrative investigation. "Following the investigations, the Saudi Federation received the report of the competent authorities, which proved the charge against the referee under his personal confession of the request for bribery".

What does Federation Internationale de Football Association do when a referee it selected to work at the World Cup gets caught attempting to fix a match?

The incident unfolded ahead of last Saturday's King's Cup final between Al Ittihad and Al Faisaly when, according to SAFF, the referee offered to fix the game in favour of Al Ittihad.

The 32-year-old referee made the approach to Al Ittihad chief Hamad Al-Senaie, who immediately handed over the WhatsApp messages to SAFF officials, Reuters reported.