Deadpool gatecrashes Stephen Colbert's monologue to hit out at Trump

Thursday, 17 May, 2018

Whether this scene makes Vanessa's survival canonical is a little unclear, but it certainly opens up the possibility of Baccarin being back for future sequels.

Taking in $783m around the world, a sequel was quickly announced and here we are just two years later ready to don the red Spandex and deliver action with a plethora of profanities. Leitch, and now Reynolds joining Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese in writing the screenplay, is definitely catering to the superhero fanbase. In fact, he was one of the first few people who pushed for a standalone Deadpool movie. We're aware that Wilson can be immature but here he needs to step up and take charge in order to help Russell. "(But) I don't know why you would want to put your kid in showbusiness". So you could say it's pretty damn amusing.

AP: Is there anything that is off-limits for Deadpool?

But for now, fans can look forward to Reynolds joking and murdering his way to some serious box office bucks when Deadpool 2 premieres in theaters on May 18th. Deadpool is a character that could easily become grating, but these films walk that fine line of making him oddly endearing.

Whilst the Deadpool 2 star isn't keen on showing off his kids on camera, his eldest daughter has already gotten a taste of fame after a voice recording of the toddler was sampled by family friend Taylor Swift in her song Gorgeous. It's sort of a nature versus nurture story at its heart and that's critical to the film as a whole.

Are you excited to see the comedic antics of the Merc with Mouth?

Oh well. Guess we all get to make up our own minds when we go and see it ourselves!

AP: That's very sweet and honest!

"I'm against child abuse", the "Deadpool" star quipped on breakfast show "Good Morning America", as he explained his opposition to the career path. "Showbusiness for a little kid is a insane pursuit". Everything else from the logline to the marketing leans into the irreverence of it. Brolin is great as Cable, Domino is a welcome addition and Ryan Reynolds, as you'd expect, proves once again why he's born to play this role. Like, yeah he can be vulgar, yeah he can act out but at its core there is a certain innocence to other aspects of him and I think that is something that's really important with the character. Sometimes "more of the same" isn't a bad thing.

REYNOLDS: For us that's been a dream come true as well. Someone appears (we can only assume it's actor Ryan Reynolds, who plays the superhero in the movies) in full costume.