Facebook launches voice posts, two other features from India

Thursday, 17 May, 2018

Facebook has announced that it's bringing some new additions to its Stories feature to gauge more audience.

Interestingly, Facebook will allow people to share your Voice Posts much like they would a story or a post on News Feed.

The changes allow people to save or archive Facebook Camera clips in their accounts.

Saving photos and videos can be used to save what you might want to post later - So you don't have to edit or post them while you're out with your friends, and instead enjoy the moment at the concert and share them later.
Users will have the option to archive their favorite Facebook Stories before they expire after 24 hours. If you share a voice post to Stories, it will disappear from your story after 24 hours. The saved clips also mean you can share them when you're in a more connected area if your signal is too poor to upload them right away. Voice posts, which are also being introduced, give people a new medium through which they can express themselves.

Challenging Snap and its self-designation as a "camera company", Facebook is adding new features to its Camera feature. Users will also be able to add stickers, texts and or doodles to their Facebook Stories audio posts.

The firm will now let you share voice posts as well, so you don't necessarily have to type in your stories, but can share voice messages as well.

It's not exactly a trade secret that the best things about both Facebook's and Instagram's Stories were copied from Snapchat.

Facebook hasn't released any user numbers for its Stories product, which launched in mid-2017, beyond saying that the figures are "encouraging".

The feature is located at the top of the page below notifications and above the trending news links.

The third and last feature that Facebook will add is the ability to archive and view older Stories.

Facebook is rolling out three new features for Stories. And while Instagram's Stories are now more popular than Snapchat's, neither has really transcended the basic concept which earned the original so much acclaim.

Then just a month later, Facebook began testing what it calls "Messenger Day" for some users in Poland, which aims pique the interest of those who have yet to get hooked on its rival, Snapchat.

The feature becomes slightly more important as this is being rolled out in India first and will only be gradually available to users in other countries.