Iran FM Meets Mogherini as Part of Efforts to Save Nuclear Deal

Thursday, 17 May, 2018

Trump's announcement May 8 that the US was exiting the 2015 nuclear accord was met with widespread dismay in Europe, where companies now face the threat of sanctions if they do business with Iran.

Bolton struck a more hawkish tone with his comments in an interview with CNN's State of the Union than Pompeo did when he was interviewed on Fox News Sunday. We need to wait and see what China will do, what Japan will do.

"We're not talking about annexes or modifications of the agreement at all, we're talking about setting up concrete measures" to preserve the deal, Mogherini said.

After their meeting, Zarif and Wang hailed the "comprehensive strategic partnership" between their countries, with the Chinese minister saying: "I hope and believe that these visits to multiple countries will ... help protect Iran's legitimate national interests and peace and stability in the region".

Even after Donald Trump chose to violate the Iran nuclear deal (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA) by reimposing USA sanctions against Iran, he had a range of options. "The policy of the administration is to make sure that Iran never gets close to deliverable nuclear weapons".

Mogherini said European Union experts were aiming to come up with concrete proposals in the coming weeks on nine key issues including ensuring Iran could sell its oil and gas products and have access to worldwide finance.

The agreement was signed on July 14, 2015, and ensured that Iran's nuclear program remains peaceful in exchange for sanctions relief. "We don't have much to threaten the Americans".

The president continued, "In other words, at a point when the United States had maximum leverage, this disastrous deal gave this regime - and it's a regime of great terror - many billions of dollars, some of it in actual cash". He said he spoke to U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to request exceptions for French companies, a delay in implementing sanctions, and a so-called grandfather clause for companies that invested in Iran while the treaty was in place.

Just at a time when a wave of labor protests and strikes has spread throughout the country following the December and January mass protests which called for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic and an end to its intervention in Syria and Lebanon, the sanctions and a possible direct war will have deadly effects.

Those who are opposed to US imperialism and all global and regional imperialist forces, need to express their support for progressive and revolutionary forces that are speaking out within Iran's labor, feminist, student and intellectual opposition movement. I think getting out of the deal says to Iran, those happy days are over, from the US perspective.

So does Iran because, instead of taking returned billions and putting them into its economy, it put them into military buildup and support of terrorism.

Ahead of the meeting Iran's top diplomat has spoken about the JCPOA after the United States withdrawal from the deal, Sputnik reported. "A lot depends on what we can do within the next few weeks". Macron was trying to convince Trump to wait, that the US and Europe could pressure Iran to make another deal around its missile program.