Kangaroo back home after being loose overnight in SC

Thursday, 17 May, 2018

That's how a deputy captioned a Facebook photo of a kangaroo in the road in McCormick County.

The McCormick County Sheriff's Office received calls that a kangaroo was spotted near the SC state line with Georgia early Tuesday morning, FOX 8 reported.

McCormick County Sheriff's Office was called to the scene and shocked to find there was, in fact, a kangaroo.

Deputies were called out to hunt for a marsupial on the move Tuesday morning.

"I thought dispatch was joking", the responding officer recalls.

So did David Yeldell, a lifelong McCormick County resident.

Turns out, the animal's owner has a permit for exotic animals.

It is legal to have a kangaroo as a pet in SC, and Gray sister station WRDW reports the owner of the kangaroo has all the proper licensing to keep the animal.

The kangaroo is back at the farm and safe.