Kent State graduate's photo with AR-10 goes viral

Thursday, 17 May, 2018

A former Kent State University student and her rifle went viral after graduation photos showcased an AR-15 strapped to her back while walking through campus, but the school has no issue with her shot thanks to a well-timed loophole.

A gun-loving OH college student's graduation photos are going viral after she made a decision to carry an AR-15. "#CampusCarryNow", she wrote in a Twitter post that's been retweeted more than 1,800 times and garnered more than 8,500 likes.

However, for all the backlash Bennett received, she claims to have received dozens of messages of support from "people who feel they can't express their support for me publicly because they will be harassed next". The university told Refinery29 that Bennett, now that she's a graduate, is within her rights to openly carry her rifle.

While Bennett received a lot of support for the photo and for standing up for gun rights, she also received a lot of criticism.

'Students, staff, faculty, and third parties doing business with the university are further prohibited from possessing, storing, or using a deadly weapon while outside on university grounds, that is owned, operated or leased by the university, ' the rules state. The university has a full-time, certified police force of more than 30 sworn officers who protect the campus.

Bennett posted again on Tuesday, writing, "I have no apologies for my graduation photos".

Kaitlin later tweeted, "As a woman, I refuse to be a victim & the second amendment ensures that I don't have to be".

Bennett sent out a follow-up tweet to clarify she was holding an AR-10 rifle, not an "assault rifle", after many lashed out at her.

Bennett says her main motivation for the photo was in response to pushback she received for organizing an on-campus open carry walk to promote gun control.

Kent State held its graduation ceremony this past weekend.