PRIMARY: Voter turn-out normal for primary election

Thursday, 17 May, 2018

Tuesday is the statewide primary election in Oregon.

But there also was strong interest in two contested seats on the Norfolk City Council, a subdistrict seat representing Norfolk on the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District board of directors, as well as a contentious race for a seat on the Stanton County board of commissioners. Voters are determining which measures and candidates will continue on to November ballot. It is election day in Idaho!

Anyone who didn't vote in the Republican primary can vote in Tuesday's election, or vote early through Friday.

This primary has many candidates competing for a number of state and local offices to win party nomination to compete in the general election this fall. You can verify your voter registration through the Secretary of State's Voter Information Look-up web site (click on the Voter Information Look-up link) or go directly to the Voter Information Look-up page. You may check your registration at or by or by calling 703.746.4050. That year saw 12,188 Democrats, 5,479 Republicans and no Libertarians, as the third party was not certified for the primary.

Elections officials in several counties reported higher than average voter turnout, particularly among Democratic voters.

For voters who wish to apply to cast an absentee ballot by mail, applications must be received by Tuesday, June 5, 2018, 5:00 p.m.

Sarpy County Election Commissioner Michelle Andahl said the same was true for her county.

Vote on the primary ballot of a different political party.

But poor turnout is a problem throughout the county, along with getting candidates to run for office. A primary election can be the deciding election for an office if there is no other competition seeking election for that office.

"We've got some public service announcements in the works to try to advertise and make people aware this is really important", she said.