Iran's Demands: Europe Must Guarantee It Will Buy Iranian Oil

Friday, 25 May, 2018

Europeans have been working on a suite of proposals, including making it easier for small and medium-sized enterprises to invest in Iran, sheltering payments for oil and gas from USA sanctions and ordering European businesses to disregard the new US measures.

Analysts are skeptical that Europe can preserve the deal in the face of powerful USA sanctions.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meets with German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas at the State Department, Wednesday, May 23, 2018, in Washington.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made five demands for Europe as the Continent seeks to preserve a 2015 nuclear deal with Iran after the United States pulled out.

The German official was pessimistic the USA would see his country's point of view on the issue.

"The European desire to remain in the agreement does not, however, detract from the concerns we have with regard to Iran", France's foreign ministry spokeswoman said on Thursday.

The official also dismissed European attempts to link further talks on nuclear issues to Iran's ballistic missile program and its role in the Middle East.

"The US has rejected the Resolution 2231 [the United Nations resolution endorsing the Iran nuclear deal]; Europe needs to issue a resolution against the US's violation of it".

European measures would need to ensure that oil exports did not halt, and that Iran would still have access to the SWIFT global bank payments messaging system, he said.

The 2015 accord rests on lifting sanctions and allowing business with Iran in exchange for Tehran curbing its nuclear program.

The Iranian official said that for his country to stay in the deal, the relief granted would have to be guaranteed by the other parties involved and that Tehran needs specifics on how that will happen by the end of May.

"The subject of the discussion is to consider and address the implications of the USA withdrawal, and this will be very important for Iran to come to its own decision", said a senior Iranian official who briefed a small group of reporters on condition of anonymity.

Europeans [must] clearly oppose all American sanctions against Iran.

Three days after U.S. secretary of state Mike Pompeo delivered America's extensive list of demands of Iran for a new nuclear agreement, Ayatollah Khamenei laid out his own demands of European countries for Iran to stay in the 2015 deal. "One president signs, the other president nullifies; I don't think anybody can negotiate with the USA with such behavior".

4- The heads of the three European countries must pledge to avoid mentioning Iran's missile program and presence in the region.

The UN atomic watchdog policing the nuclear accord said on Thursday that Iran is still complying with the terms of the deal despite the United States withdrawal, but that it could be faster and more proactive in allowing snap inspections. "Because America is not loyal to its commitments", Khamenei said. The deal lets Iran enrich but under tight restrictions. "But you see they easily cancel this worldwide agreement".

The remarks follow a speech by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who issued 12 demands Iran must meet before Washington lifts sanctions.