Latest Ontario Election Polls Show NDP Gaining Ground, Tories Stalling

Saturday, 26 May, 2018

"I'm not under any illusion that this is not a challenging election for us", she said during a campaign stop in Toronto.

"I absolutely get that.It's a really, really important election for this province because it is an election about what our province is going to look like going forward".

The poll done by this firm shows that the number of voters wanting change in this election has only ever grown more and more (with 83 per wanting change, 62 per cent of those surveyed say they definitely want a change in government).

Aside from the previous Wynne endorsement, McCallion also endorsed her successor Bonnie Crombie, and in the 2015 federal election she endorsed Justin Trudeau's Liberals, who ended up winning. "It's probably fuelled the NDP vote (and) it probably takes the Liberals out of the equation".

Despite Horwath's performance and her party's favoured second-choice status among supporters of the other two parties, Bourque said it is still too unpredictable to predict the New Democrats will end up in first place - at least in terms of the popular vote.

Some observers are already encouraging voters to cast their ballots strategically.

Progressive Conservative party memberships cost $10 per year and the individual signing up must pay for it. "It just harkens back to the Mike Harris era and current Trump-style politics".

As for the New Democrats, they may be on an uptick now but they have their own stumbles as well, such as Horwath having to apologize recently for a $1.4 billion mistake in their platform due to an accounting error, which while she says she apologized for give the impression that the NDP may not be ready for prime time. In all, 28 per cent of those asked named her, while 23 per cent - most men - said Ford.

That the Tories are seeing their support falter slightly after months in the lead suggests that some voters are losing faith in Doug Ford, possibly over his lack of a costed platform, said Tellier.

As the NDP's popularity appears to rise, so has the attention from its competitors, who have increasingly focused their attacks on the party in recent days.

Horwath said all parties agree the plant can't operate forever.

She continues to explain that Ford will be committed to "fixing Ontario's finances, creating jobs, improving health care and services, and getting our taxes and hydro bills under control". Ford is accused of buying memberships to help the preferred candidate win the tory nomination.

"I've been pretty transparent on every item that we've announced", he said.

The NDP, the only party to release a traditional platform to date, also criticized the Tories' approach.