Road rage suspect attacks SUV, man with sledgehammer

Friday, 25 May, 2018

Authorities posted the video online on Wednesday, May 24th.

The incident took place Tuesday afternoon when the suspect, driving a pickup truck, blocked the SUV driver from leaving the parking lot of a business, police said.

The SUV, in a scramble to leave the lot, causes its passenger to fall out of the auto. The man in the truck gets out and smashes the windows of the SUV with a sledgehammer. The passenger eventually re-enters the vehicle which quickly exits the scene.

Police say they can't investigate it any further until a person involved with the incident comes forward. "If they are not able to, we'll get third-party reports, but if they're not incapacitated typically it's the victim that self-reports".

"You're cheating with my girlfriend", a witness told NBC10 he heard the attacker yell out. "But we certainly want to provide assistance and help and justice to what appears to be the victim of a serious crime", said Capt. Sekou Kinebrew with the Philadelphia Police Department.