FG holds walk against environmental pollution

Friday, 08 Jun, 2018

Union Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan had also urged people to give up single-use plastic while asserting that the fight against plastic menace did not require big actions, but only minor behavioural changes and adopting "Green Good Behaviour".

The issue of plastic pollution in the world's oceans has soared up the agenda following the BBC's Blue Planet II and campaigns by many organisations, with two-thirds of people (67%) more concerned than a year ago, the poll found.

"The only way forward is massive enlightenment on the need for a total refusal of the plastic option; let us legislate against it and its use for packaging or storage".

Officials from CRPF and ITBP have organized a programme "Run to Beat Plastic Pollution" There was an open invitation for all. Plastic isn't the problem.

But there needs to be broader work with businesses to extend the responsibility of producers for their waste, and to create incentives for a more sustainable approach to plastic production and consumption.

The Minister also led a Walk in Abuja to sensitise Nigerians on the negative impact of indiscriminate disposal of waste plastics in the country. While no single measure against pollution will be equally effective everywhere, the report outlines a set of universal steps for policymakers to tackle the issue in their communities.

The study, billed as the most comprehensive review of government action to curb single-use plastics, said up to 5 trillion plastic bags were used worldwide each year.

Meanwhile, Environment Day was also celebrated in National Thermal Power Corporation with the pledge to "Beat Plastic Pollution", which is the theme for this year's World Environment Day.

He said available data indicated that plastic waste accounted for 95 per cent of total amount of waste generated in terms of weight, while plastic use had been in existence for over 70 years.

The fight against plastic pollution demands a fundamental change in our attitude and behaviour towards plastics and the way we live our lives. Revealing that 10 major plastic manufacturing industries have been shut down, he says plastic continues to be in use only because there is no alternative to it present.

Plastic clogging sewers - a major problem in Delhi and slums across the developing world - can spread disease or wind up in the stomachs of animals, the United Nations said.

New data from waste and brand audits conducted in five Philippine cities confirm results of earlier coastal clean-up audits that multinational brands are the country's top sources of plastic pollution.