What has NASA’s Curiosity rover uncovered on Mars?

Friday, 08 Jun, 2018

Usually, NASA posts the results of the new experiments and new findings on its site or on its social networks but it's calling for press conferences only when it has something big to share.

According to NASA, Thursday's Mars science discussion will be hosted by Michelle Thaller, the assistant director of science for communications in the agency's Planetary Science Division.

The new results of the Rover's work on Mars will be released in the journal Science tomorrow at 2 p.m. ET, which is also when NASA will air a live discussion of those findings.

Via this new method, Curiosity positions its drill over two small inlets on top of the rover's deck, pouring in the appropriate amount of rock powder for the onboard laboratories to do the chemical and mineralogical analysis.

The pair of CubeSats that make up the Mars Cube One (MarCO) mission both launched on May 5th, along with the InSight lander, which is headed toward a November 26th touchdown on the Red Planet.

The Rover Curiosity landed on the planet within the mission of the NASA Mars Science Laboratory in 2012.

In 2016, the rover's drill encountered a crippling mechanical problem.

The next step to making the rover fully operational again was the analysis of the said rock sample, in the form of Martian powder, inside the rover's two laboratories. The new technique, called "feed extended drilling" (FED), yielded a powdered sample on May 20, to the delight of the Curiosity team.

"The science team was convinced that the engineers could deliver-so Convinced we drove back into some website that we overlooked drilling ahead".

Ashwin Vasavada who is the mission's project scientist of JPL believes this is a substantial milestone for the assignment. Surprisingly, we had the opportunity after five years of the mission.

For instance, the Daily Star has been talking with Dr. Barry DiGregorio, a research fellow at the University of Buckingham in the United Kingdom, who is adamant that the Curiosity rover has stumbled upon proof of alien life.

NASA is announcing a new discovery about Mars on Thursday. "It means we can resume studying Mount Sharp, which Curiosity is climbing, with our full range of scientific tools".