Electronic Arts debuts PC game streaming service at E3 2018

Monday, 11 Jun, 2018

EA has announced a new streaming subscription service for its games.

EA SPORTS FIFA 19 -September 20, 2018 for Origin Access Premier, September 27 for everyone else. In Origin Access Premier, this does not apply.

Members will also receive the benefits from the current Origin Access Basic membership that already includes an evolving library of 100+ games, including Battlefield 1, Mad Max and the Batman: Arkham series, as well as newly added titles, including Need For Speed Payback, Inside, This Is The Police, Surge and more. With Origin Access you had a 10 hour trial period for new EA games.

Subscribers can play over 100 PC titles whenever they like as long as a Premier member is maintained. We won't be surprised however, to see it out the same time as Madden NFL 19 which is debuting on August 10, if not earlier.

The first day of E3 and the Electronic Arts E3 conference is behind us, and at the conference there was a lot of news surrounding the highly anticipated Bioware IP game, Anthem. EA's service is more expensive.

When Origin Premier launches this northern hemisphere summer, gamers will get access to the latest titles including Battlefield V, Anthem, FIFA 19, and Madden NFL 19 upon their respective launches.

Full, unlimited access to EA games, starting five days before they release. Play the full game starting five days before launch without purchasing it separately, until you cancel your Premier membership.