Fox News host apologizes for calling Trump, Kim 'two dictators'

Monday, 11 Jun, 2018

Neither Huntsman nor Scaramucci acknowledged the mistake, though the Mooch quickly confirmed that Trump was a "disruptive risk taker" immediately after. "Did Abby Huntsman just say "THE MEETING BETWEEN TWO DICTATORS"..."

Seemingly sensing Hunstman's slip, Scaramucci opted to brush the comment aside, opting instead to give the USA president some praise. "I called both President Trump and Kim Jong Un a dictator".

Fox News host Abby Huntsman on Sunday bungled her voice-over of President Trump's arrival in Singapore ahead of his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by referring to it as a meeting "between the two dictators". Anthony Scaramucci, the former White House communications director who appeared in the segment alongside Huntsman on Sunday, didn't acknowledge the "dictator" remark either. I'll never claim to be a ideal human being. "I did not mean that, my mistake, so I apologize for that".

Kim Jong-un has echoed President's Trump's belief that you can know how complex global negotiations on highly technical matters of nuclear technology will go from the outset if you rely on touch and feel.

After the apology, many people rallied to Huntsman's defense on social media. "You are always professional & do a great job".

Another person chimed in, writing, "We wouldn't be human if we were 'perfect'".

"We all have slip ups in life, I have many. Now let's all move on to things that actually matter", Huntsman said in a tweet.