Kevin Love Wants to Finish His Career With LeBron James on Cavs

Monday, 11 Jun, 2018

So what is LeBron going to do?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are fresh off an embarrassing loss in the 2018 NBA Finals in which they were swept by the Golden State Warriors.

LeBron James may only have one game left in this city. Having LeBron James back would mean they would be competing for an National Basketball Association title again next season, but it has become clear over the past two seasons that beating the stacked Warriors would require more than just having the four-time MVP in Cleveland's fold. They were a teenage boy, pre-teen, a little girl that wasn't around. So sitting down and considering everything - my family is a huge part of whatever I've chose to do in my career, and they'll continue to be that. "As good as Michael Jordan" or 'competes like Michael Jordan, ' I'm just going to slap the hell out of you right on the spot, and I'm going to take my chances with the judicial system". Next season could begin a long rebuilding period for a franchise that has relied heavily on James. "So we come back here and we get the minds and we build a championship team". LeBron James is the NBA's best player and he's entering free agency and it appears that he is leaning towards leaving the Cavaliers for a better opportunity at a championship.

LeBron stays, and the Cavs add youth to the roster. Will he go to the Sixers or go out West to Los Angeles? LeBron and Paul George could team up to create a new version of the showtime Lakers days. The Cavaliers went on to lose the road game in overtime.

Russell, who won three more MVPs and nine more rings (11-1 in the NBA Finals) than Wilt, is rarely considered the better overall player though because it's widely recognized he was part of a dynasty, a team-based concept. In Utah, James could stop the Warriors before they even reached the NBA Finals, getting payback with a young squad hungry for success. As long as Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant have other pieces around them, they will be favourites to win it all.

What he is sure of is that if and when he does opt out of his contract and hit the free agent market, his family will have a bigger say in his decision than they've ever had before. It would make sense if this summer ends up being different, though, because if Cleveland loses LeBron James, there's not much of a point in a rebuilding squad keeping Love around.