Beyond Good & Evil 2 teases Jade as the villain

Tuesday, 12 Jun, 2018

Ubisoft led its press conference on Monday with a brand new trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2, the game that surprised everyone at the end of its 2017 conference.

It keeps sounding like BG&E2 is moving toward a more open-ended design - how will it compare to the best sandbox games on PC? Though, one of the major twists that played out in the trailer showed Jade-the protagonist from the original Beyond Good & Evil-to be this game's antagonist. Players will control their own custom space pirate, tasked with navigating from planet to planet doing general piratey things.

In terms of general atmosphere, Beyond Good and Evil 2 's most recent assets are very much in line with the cinematic trailer revealed past year. Hopefully we can expect even more from the game at E3 next year, but for now, the stuff Ubisoft has announced offers plenty to unpack.

This seems to paint Beyond Good and Evil 2 as a game that, if nothing else, will be painting a picture of how Jade became who she was in the first title.

Indeed, it looks like we'll be waiting a while longer for Beyond Good and Evil 2 to arrive, which might be made harder by the new footage Ubisoft unveiled today. We can't wait to cruise through space in this sequel to the cult classic Beyond Good and Evil.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is in development for unspecified platforms.

Finally, Ubisoft spoke about its plans to incorporate fan art and music into the game through its Space Monkey Program and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's collaborative production company HitRecord. It has no known release date.