Fallout 76 - Everything You Need to Know

Tuesday, 12 Jun, 2018

In celebration of the game's three-year anniversary, Fallout Shelter is joining the world of Sony with a launch on PlayStation 4 later this year. Since it will be an online only game, this pretty much means it won't support modding, which was a big thing for PC users.

Fallout 76 - Official Teaser Trailer Is Out - 05/30/2018 04:23 PMEarlier today I mentioned that something was cooking at Bethesda as they posted a few virals/teasers. You can read about the Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76 in detail at Bethesda's website. There'll be six distinct regions across the expansive world - some four times the size of the one found in Fallout 4 - and within that world you'll also find a number of nuclear missile sites that anyone can access.

The trailer revealed that the game would be available to pre-order on June 15th. Fallout 76 is expected to reach millions of people and is generating a massive online buzz. Before he got to the game, he talked a bit about the history of E3.

Bethesda is bringing back Fallout's settlement system to Fallout 76, with tweaks for the multiplayer experience.

It can be played solo if you want, although it's clearly best experienced with other players joining you. Featuring PvPvE gameplay, players can choose to work together or kill one another in this world. He said that customers are already starting to chat with them about what impact "Fallout 76" could have with more tourists coming in to check out the story that is forever forged in Point Pleasant's history.

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- The trailer for Fallout 76 debuted at the video game conference E3 over the weekend.