Melania Trump attends Ford's Theatre gala

Tuesday, 12 Jun, 2018

The White House did not explain what led Melania Trump to seek treatment or whether the "benign kidney condition" meant she had a benign tumour or something else.

Presented with the president's timeline for Melania Trump's surgery, Stephanie Grisham, the first lady's communications director, reiterated that the first lady's embolisation procedure had been successful.

The first lady wore a $2,700 black Escada gown to the event, where she appeared on stage without husband President Donald Trump to thank the performers and Ford's Theatre and congratulate the recipients of this year's Lincoln Medal, which is given every year to those who have exemplify the legacy of Abraham Lincoln.

"President Trump recklessly violated federal rules and years of precedent by telegraphing financial data that has the power to move our markets", Warren said in a statement released alongside the new letter.

USA president Donald Trump has said his wife, Melania, had a "big operation" to treat a kidney condition that lasted close to four hours, and can not accompany him to the G7 meeting in Canada under the orders of her doctor.

Donald Trump's Twitter page was home to an explosive rant about his wife after she had a kidney operation. She attended a hurricane preparedness briefing at FEMA after recovering from what the president described as a "big operation" for a kidney condition on May 14.

Media and internet conspiracy theories rose up as she recovered from the surgery, claiming that she had moved back to NY or was cozied up with the Obamas writing a tell-all about plastic surgery and her husband.

'She wanted to go, ' Trump said.

But, the president said, she was staying in the White House on doctor's orders.

She delivered remarks at the end of performances, thanking the theater and performers, according to the first lady's office.

Many of Melania's pals feel that she did not write the tweet that claims that she is in great health. She had a huge operation which lasted for four to five hours.

Few details have emerged from the first lady's office.

First lady Melania Trum in April 2017 during a visit to a charter school in Washington, DC.

But in a slightly more awkward moment when the pair made their first appearance together in more than 23 days, at an event honoring gold star families at the White House last week, the president joked his wife had left him following rumors about the first lady's absence from the public eye.