New Spider-Man Gameplay Trailer Teases the Sinister Six

Tuesday, 12 Jun, 2018

In the game-play portion of the trailer, we see Spider-Man chasing down Electro in The Raft as he battles against a bunch of standard grunt fodder before running into Rhino (Oh hey Rhino!) and continuing further into The Raft where we are introduced to Scorpion & The Vulture.

Here is the first trailer for Ghost of Tsushima. Instead of opting for a flashy, non-stop barrage of highly anticipated E3 2018 games, Sony opted to take things slow during the PlayStation E3 2018 press conference. This new trailer also included plenty of cinematic moments, and revealed two more actors in Death Stranding's star-studded cast: Lea Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner.

Ghost of Tsushima is something of an alternate history take on the era of the Mongolian Empire.

Unveiled last October at Paris Games Week, Ghost of Tsushima is a big project from Sucker Punch Games, the studio behind the Infamous and Sly Cooper franchises.

On the E3 stage, the trailer opened up with the player, Jin Sakai, standing on the side of a hill, approaching a village that appeared to be under siege from an evil army torturing local villagers.

The combat was slow, deliberate and violent, with the katana scything through body parts left, right and centre.

Ghost of Tsushima is the newest of the four games, and having only just been announced at Paris Games Week past year with a brief teaser, it was intriguing to see what this game was actually all about. Last of Us II will probably emphasize on stealth-styled gameplay, and going by what we have seen with the previous game, this will definitely offer a lot more. For now, this is what we know about Ghost of Tsushima.

The Sony conference at E3 was the first time any gameplay footage was revealed from the PS4 exclusive.

Imagine the Batman Arkham games, except with samurais in Japan. For that matter, it didn't give any kind of hint about when we might expect the game to release.