Paris on lockdown as 'armed man takes hostages'

Tuesday, 12 Jun, 2018

An armed man in Paris claiming to have explosives, has reportedly taken at least 3 people hostage.

Authorities said that officers from a specialist unit had arrived on site in response to an "unstable person" who was holding two people.

French police said it was not clear if the man was armed and there was no indication of terrorist motives.

Photos and videos from the scene showed numerous police vehicles and ambulances at Rue des Petites Ecuries in the 10th arrondissement of the French capital.

The man reportedly asked for the Iranian embassy to be contacted but the police did not confirm the report. However, his motivation for such an encounter was unknown.

The man was described as "determined and violent" by police, who surrounded the building where three hostages were being held on Tuesday. An Interior Ministry official said negotiations with the suspect were taking place.

Police initially said the hostage scene was unfolding in an office in the building, but soon stopped communicating details to journalists.