E3 2018 - Devolver Digital Announce Updated Version of Metal Wolf Chaos

Wednesday, 13 Jun, 2018

All you Metal Wolf Chaos fans rejoice. It was an Xbox exclusive and released only in Japan despite being fully in English. Players take on the role of Michael Wilson, the 47th President of the United States, after a coup d'etat led by his vice president, Richard Hawk. The game centers around a comically fictionalized version of the state of United States, and has the President defending the country from threat in a big mech-suit dubbed "Metal Wolf".

A western release was even teased a few years ago by Devolver themselves, but any further news was completely kept under wraps - at least until now.

"FromSoftware originally released Metal Wolf Chaos in December 2004, appearing exclusively on the original Xbox and only in Japan".

This bombastic rerelease will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC later this year, If you never got the chance to check out the odd journey of Michael Wilson, it will be worth your time to check out when Metal Wolf Chaos XD comes out.

Previously only available in Japan, the new version of the game will include updated resolution, textures, but the same over the top voice-over that's since become legendary.

During Devolver Digital's fever dream of an E3 2018 press conference, they premiered the trailer for Metal Wolf Chaos XD.