Google Home now supports handling three commands at once

Wednesday, 13 Jun, 2018

Google Assistant's biggest selling point is just how smart it is, and on smart speakers that especially shows its value. But at this year's I/O, Google promised improvements to multiple commands that would require less verbosity and would allow more than two commands at a time. Queries can involve fetching information from the web, as well as performing commands on connected smart home devices. Now, the company has officially confirmed that it is rolling out support for Google Home to hear that special prompt and then keep tabs on three separate commands. But, you'll only initially be able to make use of it in predominantly English-speaking territories, including the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Previously, Google Home speakers could perform two commands at the same time. However, there has been progress in that it is also possible to issue a shorter version of commands such as "turn on the lights in the living room and the kitchen".

That means you can't ask it to just "set an alarm", you'd have to say "set an alarm for 7 AM" so it doesn't need to ask a follow-up question.

If a user wanted to turn off lights in multiple rooms, they would have had to say something like "turn off the lights in the bedroom and turn off the lights in the living room". Others needed to update their Google Home firmware. For example, "OK Google, turn up the volume and play music".