Scottish Nationalist Thrown Out of Parliament in Brexit Protest

Thursday, 14 Jun, 2018

The SNP's Ian Blackford was thrown out of the chamber by the speaker of parliament because he refused to sit down after demanding a new debate on Scotland and Brexit.

"We hear from the Prime Minister about respecting devolution".

"We will consider carefully ways in which we can continue to highlight the injustice that is being done to the Scottish Parliament and to Scotland.but always with Scotland's interests very much at heart". And Blackford's fellow SNP MPs walked out too.

Mr Blackford demanded the House sit in private, and was ordered out of the chamber by the Speaker when he refused to sit down.

Mr Mundell said that while it was "unfortunate" there had been limited time for debate, the issues had been "well aired" in both Holyrood and Westminster.

Liddell-Grainger later told Somerset Live that he had "made a remark about "political suicide" and that critics could "take their objections and stuff them".

Speaking to the BBC immediately after the incident, Mr Blackford said: "Scotland's voice has not been heard, we have had changes to the devolution settlement that were pushed through last night without Scottish MPs voices being heard".

May replied that the Bill ensured a "significant increase in decision-making powers" for Holyrood and that says 80 new powers will "flow direct to Holyrood".

Let's not forget that the refusal for legislative consent was by not just the SNP in the Scottish parliament but the Lib Dems, Labour and the Green Party.

My SNP colleagues and I were treated to the same braying and disrespect that we receive on a continual basis.

Mr Blackford said it was a "democratic outrage" that more time had not been allocated to debating the issue on Tuesday and said he had "no option but to insist that this house sits in private".

He went on: "We are going to make sure we will be robust in using parliamentary devices to make sure we can hold this Government to account".

"They are now acting outwith the support of the Scottish people".

On Wednesday, it was the Scottish Nationalists' turn to vent. "We are not having it".

Scottish Conservative MP Kirstene Hair said: "This rehearsed move just demonstrated that the SNP care more about headlines than actually achieving anything for Scotland".

"They are the masters of manufactured grievance and the people of Scotland are sick of it". But while a majority of voters opted for Brexit, any suggestion (from pro-Brexit politicians or media outlets) that MPs should be silent and not stand up for their constituents if they voted against Brexit is thoroughly anti-democratic. "It is a joke", added the Angus MP.

At the end of the stormy hour-long session, Mr Bercow pointed out that Labour MP Clive Lewis's baby, who was in the chamber throughout, had been better behaved.