Trump Tweet Helps Sink Mark Sanford In South Carolina Primary

Wednesday, 13 Jun, 2018

And Democrats in Virginia backed women in key races that could determine control of the House.

With 48 percent of the vote in, it's starting to look like Arrington could win the GOP nomination without a runoff.

With the first reported results in for South Carolina's primary Tuesday night, Greenville businessman John Warren leads the GOP race for governor with 35 percent.

There are also primaries in some of South Carolina's seven congressional districts.

Congressman Justin Amash called Sanford one of the most "principled" conservatives in Congress. SC has no "sanctuary cities". In an ad released last month, Arrington mockingly alluded to Sanford's past infidelity and vowed to go to Washington to "get things done, not to go on CNN to bash President Trump".

But while Trump remains very popular in the state, McMaster has been shadowed by a corruption probe involving a longtime political consultant.

Gov. Henry McMaster, who was sworn in as governor previous year after Nikki Haley left for the United Nations at the behest of President Trump, will defend his seat against Mt.

His biggest challenger, state Rep. Katie Arrington, has characterized Sanford as a disloyal Never-Trumper.

But Arrington has hammered Sanford for his criticism of President Donald Trump, and she enough GOP voters in the district may agree with her.

In a tweet posted at 4:12 p.m., less than three hours after polls close, the president described Sanford as "very unhelpful" in Trump's campaign to "Make America Great Again".

"He's MIA and nothing but trouble", Trump continued.

Trump endorsed Arrington in his tweet Tuesday on the race. After the Access Hollywood tape dropped, in which Trump bragged about grabbing women "by the pussy", Roby said she could no longer vote for Trump.

Democrats will also be watching the outcomes of Virginia's 2nd District (GOP Rep. Scott Taylor), 7th District (GOP Rep. Dave Brat) and 5th District (retiring GOP Rep. Tom Garrett), where they hope to be competitive in the fall.

She said she fully supported Trump once he had the nomination. She has not called for a single-payer, government-run health insurance system, as some Democratic House primary winners in California, Nebraska and Pennsylvania have.

Two longtime Democratic voters in Sparks, both 67, parted ways on the race.Medical technician Pamela Jones said she voted for Sisolak because he seemed more honest.

The Republican primary vote is a test for the heft of the endorsement of President Donald Trump, who is backing Gov. Henry McMaster.

Stewart surprised many by almost winning last year's Republican nomination for governor.

Stewart is an outspoken defender of Confederate symbolism.

As a candidate for governor in 2017, Stewart spoke out against removing Confederate monuments, including the Robert E. Lee statue that prompted a deadly protest in Charlottesville a year ago. He'll face Senator Tim Kaine, the Democratic incumbent. Susan Collins and independent Sen. Angus King, voters will choose from GOP candidates who echo LePage's conservative policies but shy away from his controversial tone. He faces a field of candidates that also includes state treasurer Dan Schwartz. One seat they're targeting is in Nevada.

Comstock's district, home to many federal government workers, has drifted left in recent years.

Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock in northern Virginia's 10th District will face the victor of a six-way Democratic primary.

Some of the other notable races were taking place in Virginia, where Democrats are seeking to capture some of the 23 Republican seats they would need to reclaim the majority in the U.S. House. When he took office, Trump selected then-Gov.

His critiques of Trump have often focused on the President's style.

As S.C. governor, his rigid ideological conservatism made him a favorite of tea party Republicans while putting him at odds with state lawmakers over spending.