U.S. offers 'unique' guarantees to North Korea on eve of summit

Wednesday, 13 Jun, 2018

"Ending "war games" does not preclude normal peacetime training and is a decision easily reversed should Kim falter from this declaration of intent to pursue disarmament", he told The Times.

"It's a great day". I am here to see it.

The video juxtaposes images of famous world landmarks, prosperous cities and happy people with austere, black-and-white shots of North Koreans at war. I thought it was interesting enough to show.

"I'm not in this for no money". I never started it for no money. "This is not about Dennis Rodman being the greatest person in the world, bringing the countries together", said Rodman, whose trip to Singapore is being funded by Potcoin, a Marijuana cryptocurrency. "Anybody who takes over a situation like he did at 26 years of age and is able to run it, and run it tough - I don't say "he was nice" or I don't say anything about it", Trump said.

"I hope you liked it", Trump told the reporters. Have a handshake, have a smile, have a glass of iced tea.

The White House has not yet released the document, but the words were clearly visible in photographs taken when Trump displayed it to the gathered reporters. I'm out of it. "Will the world embrace this change?" a male narrator can be heard asking the audience.

"Without Otto this would not have happened", Mr Trump said.

At the heart of negotiations was the "complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization" of the Korean peninsula in exchange for "security guarantees" for the North's mercurial leader, Kim Jong Un. Trump cast the decision as a cost-saving measure, but North Korea has long objected to the drills as a security threat. "I was sitting up protecting everything", said Rodman. I know a lot about airplanes. "I was the only one". US President Donald Trump arrived at the venue just 60 seconds before the summit was to begin.

In reporting on Monday's summit in Singapore, the Washington Post noted that President Trump did not approach Kim Jong Un as a pariah, but showered him with respect.

Mr Trump said scrapping them will save a "tremendous amount of money", but he added that they could be reinstated if co-operation from the North declines.

North Korean officials who negotiated the summit logistics with USA counterparts were "very conscious" of the optics of presenting the United States and North Korea on level footing, a U.S. official involved in the discussions told CNN.

Conservative House Republicans were unrepentant in their praise for the president for engaging with North Korea, a sharp reversal from many of their views on similar negotiations between President Barack Obama's Secretary of State John Kerry and Iran.

Trump and Kim Signed Something in Singapore.

Media captionTrump Kim summit: Win-win, or a Kim win?

Trump admitted that some of the imagery he pitched may have been a little far-fetched, as North Korea is mired in poverty, internationally isolated, and has been mismanaged for decades by a family of dictators - Kim, his father and grandfather. It ain't gotta be war. "He's trying to protect his people, his honor, and everything that has to do with his country". And the other alternative is just not a very good alternative. "I told everybody that "the door will open", he recalled.