Young girl temporarily paralyzed by tick bite, mom says

Wednesday, 13 Jun, 2018

The mother said she noticed the tick when she went to brush Kailyn's hair and shared a photo of the red mark on her scalp to Facebook. She has been such a champ throughout this whole ordeal! "It's more common in children than it is adults", she wrote last Wednesday. Kailyn woke up and couldn't walk!

However, as she spent more time with her daughter, Griffin discovered some disturbing signs.

Griffin said Kailyn was "perfectly fine" the night before, but things took a "scary" turn on June 6 when she woke her up for school.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlight tick paralysis as a rare disease caused by a toxin in the saliva of ticks, particularly the Rocky Mountain wood tick and the American dog tick, typically found in the Rocky Mountain states and the northeast USA, respectively.

Earlier, the expert said, what to do if the tick has already stuck to the body.

Tick paralysis is caused by female ticks on the verge of laying eggs.

Symptoms do not start right away, but typically start to appear after the tick has been feeding on the person or animal for four to seven days. Symptoms usually improve with 24 hours, according to the CDC, after the tick has been completely removed.

After removing the tick from the head, Jessica placed it in a plastic bag. Some cases in livestock have been caused by the American dog tick, found east of Saskatchewan. Doctors told Griffin it was an uncommon condition called tick paralysis.

Preventing this disease is the same as any other tick-borne illness: don't get bitten, and remove any attached ticks promptly.

She wrote on Facebook: "I was just thinking that her legs were asleep until I noticed that she couldn't hardly talk!" Wearing protective clothing treated with insect repellent, particularly Permethrin, was shown to protect against tick bites. Lindsay says that even people in urban areas should check their body for tick bites if they have been outside for a while.

You should also perform a thorough "tick check" when you get home: carefully check your skin for ticks.

You should also check your children for any ticks, something that Griffin urges all parents to do.

"PLEASE for the love of god check your kids for ticks!" she posted.