Miami could be hosting some World Cup 2026 soccer games

Thursday, 14 Jun, 2018

"Our game's in a great space".

The United States couldn't get into the 2018 World Cup, but on Wednesday the 2026 World Cup was brought to the U.S. This is going to another level.

After controversy surrounded the awarding of the 2018 World Cup to Russian Federation and the 2022 finals in Qatar, the vote was the first to be decided by the FIFA congress. But even if that doesn't happen, Canada will be on the field in 2026, he told CTV News Channel.

Usually referred to as just the World Cup, the tournament is the biggest sporting competition on the planet.

210 members were present with 203 members entitled to vote.

The United States held the World Cup in 1994 while Mexico held it in 1986.

The city is working with the Edmonton Eskimos and other community groups on a master plan to upgrade Commonwealth Stadium.

"There is no place in the world that will respond to the World Cup games being played here with more enthusiasm, more energy and more competitiveness, frankly, than the city of Toronto", Tory said. He was born in Ghana in a refugee camp.

Just to add to the complexity, there was a third option for all voters: neither Morocco or United and we would have had to start a new bidding process.

The joint North American bid was considered a heavy favorite from the outset and earned high marks from FIFA's bid evaluators because it will, in theory, require less construction and lower costs than the Moroccan bid, which carried an estimated price tag above $15 billion.

Meaning even if you know nothing at all about the game, the sport, the event, you can still sound like an absolute expert by confidently telling your friends that the victor will definitely be one of those who've either been there and done it or won it before. "Our cities are ready to host today", said John Kristick, executive director of the United Bid Committee.

Chief among those is US President Donald Trump, whose "America First" approach might score well with his electoral base but may have made the United bid's task harder than it could ever have imagined.

"We know that we have the best stadium in the country", Iveson said. There has been success on the women's side and the men's game has been waiting for something like this, he said.

"It will change the mindset of our players, the focus, the commitment to the maple leaf..." "The opening game is tomorrow and there are so many people in these streets".

"It's starting to hit home now, that, wow, it's here".

This was the first World Cup vote since 2010, when USA and Switzerland investigators unveiled corruption on an unprecedented scale afterwards.