Darwin Project Now Free-To-Play On Xbox One

Friday, 06 Jul, 2018

Microsoft's Major Nelson today has announced that the July Xbox Update is now rolling out to users across the world.

According to Xbox, the point of FastStart is to give you the information you need to get to the game immediately, and not get stuck on the main menu while you wait for the download to finish.

The two big caveats here, though, are that games need to be FastStart-enabled by Microsoft and you'll need a download speed of around 20Mbps. This is what differentiates it from the existing Ready to Start feature - that allowed players to launch games before they were fully downloaded, but required developers to manually section off required data. Microsoft is partially solving this problem today with FastStart, an Xbox One feature that prioritizes critical game files to let you play "select" games while they download in the background. This is a feature that's been in testing for a couple of versions now, and it allows you to make collections of your games and apps. However, in the case of both consoles, it's a coin toss how much of the game is actually available to you when you reach the playable threshold. It's that simple. What's more, it's now enabled for select English language titles in our Xbox Game Pass catalog, and will expand to more games in more languages over time. You're also able to buy them if you wish to take that route. They are also tied to one's Xbox Live account, so they can be used across multiple consoles. Pins are a Group by default, and you can create others.

Elsewhere, finding content is far less hassle than before, thanks to the ability to simply hit Y at any point while on the dashboard to bring up the search function.

By now, most people will have received the latest system update for their Xbox One.

The next time you start it up, take a good look into your inventory and you'll see a Founder's Pack with a number of legendary items. Mixer can now work with full screen broadcasting for webcams - JOY.