EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Resigns

Friday, 06 Jul, 2018

Scott Pruitt, the embattled chief of the Environmental Protection Agency, resigned Thursday afternoon, following months of scandals about his spending practices and a trail of questions about possible ethical violations.

Steve Milloy, who served on Trump's transition team at the EPA, told Breitbart News that Pruitt did a great job advancing the president's agenda of rolling back unsafe and damaging regulations President Barack Obama put in place, and Wheeler is just as committed as his former boss.

But at the same time, Pruitt was one of the most effective implementers of the President's agenda.

Lawmakers probed Pruitt for renting a room in a high-end townhouse co-owned by the wife of energy industry lobbyist Steven Hart for $50 a night, an arrangement that has drawn fire from ethics experts. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant by the owner. "I knew that I had to say something".

Pruitt quit the EPA after months of ethics-related scandals related to his behavior and spending practices, CBS News reports. He blamed the "toxicity" of Washington for contributing to the firestorm and said the criticism is "about the mission we're engaged in here". "Next in line to run the EPA is a coal lobbyist".

And Ingraham is not the only prominent conservative who has called for Pruitt's firing: several Senators, including Jim Inhofe, Charles Grassley, and Joni Ernst have railed against the EPA administrator. "And if he has to go - if he has to go, it's because he never should have been there in the first place". Lawmakers also expressed concerns about reports that Pruitt used EPA aides to set up meetings about getting his wife a job, which could violate laws that prohibit using a federal position for personal financial gain. The Senate confirmed Deputy at EPA, Andrew Wheeler, will... Former aide Kevin Chmielewski told CNN that Pruitt and his staff kept "secret" calendars and schedules to hide controversial contacts with industry representatives and The Washington Post and The New York Times revealed aspects of testimony Pruitt aides gave to Congress about the EPA administrator enlisted them for personal errands.

Pruitt's deputy, Andrew Wheeler, will be the new acting chief of the EPA, the president said. During a March 29 speech in OH to tout his infrastructure initiative, the president praised the agency for moving to speed up environmental reviews of large projects. "What I did was perfectly civil, and other people can do the same thing".

Many speak highly of Wheeler and his distinct qualifications for the job, but the media is already attacking him in much the same relentless fashion it did Pruitt, who spoke of it in his resignation letter. As Oklahoma's former attorney general, he waged a legal fight against the environmental rules implemented by the agency he eventually would head.

The ousted head of the Environmental Protection Agency spent thousands on trips he did not even take for his job.

He also worked as a staffer on Capitol Hill in different Senate committees and as general counsel to Republican Sen. "He's literally sacrificing the air, the water, the coastal communities, the natural resources that all our children are going to inherit, and he should have to think about that".

Like Trump, Pruitt voiced skepticism about mainstream climate science and was a fierce critic of the Paris climate agreement.