George Clooney hospitalized after accident while riding a motorcycle

Tuesday, 10 Jul, 2018

George Clooney was injured Tuesday after his scooter was hit by a vehicle on the Italian island of Sardinia, police and hospital officials said. According to Corriere, Clooney was "hospitalized" after the incident and his condition is "confidential" but not serious. The accident took place in Sardinia, Italy, where the actor is now filming his upcoming TV show, Catch-22.

The daily newspaper said the 57-year-old Clooney had been headed to a film set when his motorbike was hit by a auto. The accident occurred at Costa Corallina, on a country road. He received an MRI, and reports claim Clooney suffered injuries to his arm, leg, and pelvis. Local media representatives who had gathered at the hospital said Clooney left in a van through a side exit. His helmet, which broke during the crash, is said to have smashed the Mercedes' windshield.

Sardinian hospital John Paul II says Clooney has already been discharged, according to NBC News.

CNN reported on Tuesday morning that the Hollywood superstar was driving his bike on the Italian island when he ran head-on into a truck that turned into him.

A police investigation is now underway, to determine the cause of the accident, and more details are bound to emerge in the coming hours.