Netflix Smart Downloads makes it easier to manage you downloaded TV shows

Tuesday, 10 Jul, 2018

Streaming-video giant Netflix is introducing a feature this week called "smart downloads", which deletes shows you've watched offline and automatically downloads the next episode for you. Said Cameron Johnson, Director of Product Innovation at Netflix. By automatically downloading the next episode and deleting the previous one, the feature ensures that the user's storage isn't affected, while automating the process of downloading TV show episodes. But the service can determine with "high confidence" that you'll probably want to continue watching a show you've downloaded.

Additionally, the feature is only available on Android devices for now, though it is safe to assume it will be landing on iOS in the foreseeable future.

Netflix's Smart Downloads will initially only be available on Android smartphones and tablets.

Netflix is rolling out a new "smart downloads" feature created to make offline viewing just a little bit easier. Before you Smart Download any of those, however, this otherwise knowledgeless writer recommends you dive into as many consecutive episodes as you possibly can of Bill Nye Saves the World.

Smart Downloads can be turned off straight from the app's settings if you like. But obviously, you must stop by a WiFi hotspot in order to make everything happen. He went on to explain that you can still download movies and TV shows over mobile data, but this would need to be done manually by the user. Smart Downloads will notify you when the feature starts downloading an episode, and you can even turn it off if you aren't a fan. "We're taking the point of view to not be presumptuous and let people choose for themselves".