North Korea reminds Trump its nuclear weapons won't come cheap

Tuesday, 10 Jul, 2018

The statement came hours after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrapped up his trip to Pyongyang aimed at hashing out measures to implement the June 12 summit agreement in Singapore, during which their leaders agreed to work towards complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Pompeo held more than eight hours of talks with North Korean officials in Pyongyang from Friday, seeking to flesh out a bare bones deal made by United States president Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim last month.

"Particularly, they have suggested that they are disappointed by the U.S. insistence on focusing on the denuclearisation plans over what they described as big-picture issues", she said.

"The road ahead will be hard and challenging and we know that critics will try to minimise the work that we've achieved".

According to the report from The Post, the talks did not go well-with a statement from North Korea suggesting the US had not been willing to compromise.

The North's official KCNA news agency said the result of talks was "extremely troubling", accusing America of insisting on complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation.

Following Saturday's North Korean criticism of his approach during his visit to Pyongyang, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reiterated his position that there had been productive talks during the visit, and that there are challenging problems yet to be worked on in the ongoing process.

Pompeo also said that the United States was working to ensure the security assurances that the North Koreans need to continue with denuclearization.

"The US is fatally mistaken if it went to the extent of regarding that the DPRK would be compelled to accept, out of its patience, demands reflecting its gangster-like mindset", the statement said, referring to North Korea by its official initials.

North Korea said it offered to discuss the closure of a missile engine test site, which would "physically affirm" a move to halt the production of intercontinental range ballistic missiles, and setting up working-level discussions for the return of U.S. war remains.

The North Korean statement indicated such gestures hadn't gone far enough, saying the U.S. moves were "highly reversible" and left its military force intact "without scraping even a rifle".

Pompeo also told Kono he had raised in the talks in Pyongyang, which ended Saturday, the issue of Japanese abducted by North Korea, a major sticking point for Japan in its relations with North Korea.

The Trump administration has repeatedly offered economic incentives for North Korea to dismantle its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. According to the report, North Korea may be intentionally trying to "deceive the U.S." by continuing these efforts in secret facilities.

"The Kim regime wouldn't want to be seen as if they were somehow being pressured to cave in to the US' demands", he said. "Most of the time you come back empty-handed", Hill added.

Pompeo, however, said more talks were needed on both.

Mr Pompeo did not meet Mr Kim.

"The miracle could be your miracle", Pompeo said of North Korea and its leader. The statement North Korea released after those meetings sharply criticized Pompeo for failing to follow through on the progress Trump and Kim had made in Singapore.